Quick Start 1

Get started right away with these quick & easy chord shapes! You'll be strumming the guitar with a musical approach in just 5 videos.

  • The E chord (major & minor)
  • Moveable E shape
  • Chord Trick add-ons
  • Course contains only 5 videos

Quick Start 2

Learn these quick patterns to get you started right away as a guitar player. They're easy (and bluesy) and very musical.

  • Start with an "A" pattern
  • Add the "D" and "E" patterns
  • Combine them all!
  • Course contains only 4 videos

Quick Start 3

Get another quick start with some lifelong moveable power chords. Get comfortable with these shapes as they're the basis of rock n' roll.

  • Root 6 power chords
  • Root 5 shapes
  • Moving across fretboard
  • Course contains only 4 videos

Core Course Series

Our Core Course Series is intended for the beginner/first-time guitar player and will teach you everything you need to know to play guitar, including how to hold & tune the guitar, how to write your own songs, and how to jam with your friends around the campfire. It's super fun and easy!

Series contains 6 Courses, 140 videos. Get access to the Core Course Series (and our entire catalog) for only $10/month.


In Core 1 it's time to get familiar with the guitar. Learn the parts of the guitar, how to hold a pick, proper hand position and technique, and even learn some basic chords. You'll be playing by the end!!

  • Holding the guitar & pick
  • Tuning the guitar
  • Easy Chord Shapes
  • Course contains 15 videos

In Core Course 2 we'll start building the foundations of guitar playing with further exploration into chords, strumming patterns, and playing songs based around chords and single note riffs.

  • Strumming Patterns
  • Riff & Chord Songs
  • More chord shapes
  • Course contains 25 videos

With Core 1 and Core 2 behind you, it's time to really get moving with Core 3 where you'll learn more chord shapes and the all important power chord! PLUS, some song studies with ACDC, Elvis, and The Beatles!

  • Power Chords
  • Song studies
  • More chord shapes
  • Course contains 23 videos


In Core Course 4 it's time to make music with major pentatonic scales, power chords, anchor chords, and some amazingly useful song study applications that will leave you ready to jam with your buddies!

  • Anchor & Power Chords
  • Jam Ideas & Song Studies
  • Major Pentatonic Scales
  • Course contains 26 videos

Get familiar with scales that travel the entire fretboard, learn how to use barre chords, and study a bunch of songs that use these elements. Hope you enjoy the course and good luck!

  • Learn Barre Chords
  • Full fretboard linear scales
  • More song studies
  • Course contains 24 videos

The final chapter in the Core Course Series is a further exploration into chords groups, songwriting tricks, and an introduction into reading chord charts and tablature. Plus you'll learn the purpose of a capo.

  • Intensive Chord Group Study
  • Reading Chord Charts & Tab
  • Using a Capo
  • Course contains 27 videos


Get the ALL ACCESS PASS for only $10/month and get instant access to ALL current (and upcoming) courses in this program. Signing up is easy, and you can quit at any timeā€¦ but why would you for only $10? Happy Strumming!